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๐ŸŒฑ Chillhop Essentials ยท Spring 2023 [chill lofi / instrumental hiphop beats]


With over 40 musicians across 28 tracks, Essentials Spring 2023 might be our most treasured one yet. Featuring a who's who of some of our favorite musicians in the community, we present a 2xLP to keep everyone vibrant and alive as the seasons change and days start to warm.

Essentials Spring 2023 features recent Chillhop beat tape alumni like El Train, Evil Needle, illiterate, and Mr. Slipz, while also showcasing songs from familiars like Oatmello, SwuM, Toonorth, Blue Wednesday, HM Surf, The Doppelgangaz, and dozens of others.

This album features over 70 minutes of chillhop, jazzhop, lofi hip-hop. Soulful beats, boom bap, old school. However you might like to classify this. It's all part of the same Chillhop vibe - a welcoming and comforting sign of the springtime to come. A new season is here. Drop the top on your new convertible (whether real or imagined) and jazz things up with this carefully curated compilation. Buy a boombox. Buy a roadmap. Pack the car and go.

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โฑ Track List
00:00:00 - Spring 23 Intro - The Doppelgangaz
00:00:26 - El Train, Paal Singh - Over You
00:02:11 - Nokiaa, Philanthrope - Friction
00:04:05 - Ben Bada Boom, Plusma - Cabriolet
00:07:38 - Yasper, sonofmark - Yellowblue
00:10:34 - Evil Needle, Styles Davis - Star Gazing
00:13:25 - Kreatev - Sunset Drive
00:15:28 - HM Surf, Mama Aiuto - Expeditions
00:17:28 - chromonicci - Shimmer
00:20:59 - invention_ - Chance of Rain
00:23:10 - The Doppelgangaz - Quietude
00:25:15 - Ian Ewing - Hold On
00:27:37 - Drips Zacheer - Carefree
00:29:47 - Masked Man - Lush
00:32:09 - Afroham - Dahri
00:34:34 - Middle School - Delicate ft. Henry Gritton
00:38:24 - Psalm Trees - Honey
00:41:09 - Makzo, Axian, Kydual - Grove
00:43:02 - C Y G N - Warm Heart, Cold Solitude
00:47:01 - Toonorth - Radiant
00:49:06 - Kendall Miles, Enluv - Solar Beam
00:51:55 - Blue Wednesday - Overgrown
00:55:00 - Dotlights - Zen Headbutt
00:57:39 - SwuM, Oatmello - Flooded
00:59:44 - Mr Slipz - Bloom
01:01:44 - illiterate - The Strangest Thing
01:04:17 - When Mountains Move - Perched
01:07:07 - less.people - A Heartfelt Goodbye
01:09:27 - Aso - Sidewalks ft. iomoo

๐Ÿ™Œ Follow the Artists
ใƒป El Train โ‰ซ
ใƒป Paal Singh โ‰ซ
ใƒป Nokiaa โ‰ซ
ใƒป Philanthrope โ‰ซ
ใƒป Ben Bada Boom โ‰ซ
ใƒป Plusma โ‰ซ
ใƒป Yasper โ‰ซ
ใƒป sonofmark โ‰ซ
ใƒป Evil Needle โ‰ซ
ใƒป Styles Davis โ‰ซ
ใƒป Kreatev โ‰ซ
ใƒป HM Surf โ‰ซ
ใƒป Mama Aiuto โ‰ซ
ใƒป chromonicci โ‰ซ
ใƒป invention_ โ‰ซ
ใƒป The Doppelgangaz โ‰ซ
ใƒป Ian Ewing โ‰ซ
ใƒป Drips Zacheer โ‰ซ
ใƒป Masked Man โ‰ซ
ใƒป Afroham โ‰ซ
ใƒป Middle School โ‰ซ
ใƒป Henry Gritton โ‰ซ
ใƒป Psalm Trees โ‰ซ
ใƒป Makzo โ‰ซ
ใƒป Axian โ‰ซ
ใƒป Kydual โ‰ซ
ใƒป C Y G N โ‰ซ
ใƒป Toonorth โ‰ซ
ใƒป Kendall Miles โ‰ซ
ใƒป Enluv โ‰ซ
ใƒป Blue Wednesday โ‰ซ
ใƒป Dotlights โ‰ซ
ใƒป SwuM โ‰ซ
ใƒป Oatmello โ‰ซ
ใƒป Mr Slipz โ‰ซ
ใƒป illiterate โ‰ซ
ใƒป When Mountains Move โ‰ซ
ใƒป less.people โ‰ซ
ใƒป Aso โ‰ซ
ใƒป iomoo โ‰ซ

๐ŸŽจ Art by Jeoffrey Magellan

๐ŸŽจ Animation by Flo

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